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Giuliano Mazzuoli: Italian designer and inventor of luxury watches Tuscany - Italy

He is known for creating watches inspired by automotive designs such as gears and gauges. His most iconic watch design is the Manometro .. more

Zampieri Uniforms: Made in Italy style for service staff Rome - Italy

Zampieri has dressed the service staff of the most prestigious hotels, restaurants, monarchies and private people in the world ... more

DR.Vranjes: olfactory symphonies from more than 2,200 notes Florence - Italy

Dr. Paolo Vranjes’ approach to making fragrances has been a seminal figure in the milieu of Florentine perfumery for the past ... more

Stifflex: an innovative system that has a hard but flexible cover Florence - Italy

Stifflex is eco friendly and supply prestigious customers including Nissan, Swatch and the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) of New York .. more

Latest in Beauty

Essenzialmente Laura: Laura Bosetti Tonatto's Olfactory Masterpieces Rome - Italy

Read how an Italian perfumer crafted bespoke scents for Queen Elizabeth, Hermitage Museum and the Vatican ... more

MEI Spa: The future of beauty and well-being is certainly "Natural" Treviso (Veneto) - Italy

Thanks to this exclusive "MADE IN ITALY" production chain, both phytocosmetics and herbal products are made starting from ... more

I Profumi del Marmo: Capturing the Essence of Marble Carrara - Italy

Discover how an Italian entrepreneur created a unique niche fragrance collection inspired by the exquisite marbles of Carrara ... more

Giglio Marino: rich in phyto-therapeutic active ingredients Isola del Giglio (Tuscany) - Italy

The leaves and flowers of Helichrysum contain a phyto complex composed of exceptional substances with healing properties... more

Latest in Food

Bocelli Family Wines: Passion for the excellences of nature since 1831 Lajatico (Tuscany) - Italy

Long before Andrea Bocelli was famous for music, his family was known for making wine ... more

Fiore 1827: The ancient sweets of Siena, an authentic italian story Siena - Italy

Fiore kept the ancient secrets of medieval sweets, handed down from generations, since ... more

Roberto Catinari: The art of chocolate for real connoisseurs Pistoia (Tuscany) - Italy

Considered by many to be one of the best chocolates in the world, it amazes with ... more

Boscovivo Tartufi: the authentic 100% Italian truffle Arezzo (Tuscany) - Italy

The excellent quality of Boscovivo’s products has been recognized by the highest authorities ... more

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