L'Essenza della Terra

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"An Home Fragrance created by LAURA BOSETTI TONATTO exclusively to substain OAF-I: Organization of Fraternal Help - Italy (Ngo - Onlus).
MAMA DUNIA in Swahili means "Mother Earth": A name that evokes the affection that all human beings seek in their existence. MAMA DUNIA is a hymn to the fecundity of Nature, a maternal and loving embrace that evokes the strength and beauty of sharing with the rich and enveloping powdery notes of musk and amber. The new fragrance is created by Laura Bosetti Tonatto exclusively for OAF-I - Organization of Fraternal Help - Italy (NGO - Onlus). The highest quality raw materials come from the most renowned laboratories in the world and have been personally selected by Laura Bosetti Tonatto, who guarantees their quality and originality with the ESSENZIALMENTE LAURA brand ( "MAMA DUNIA" is the fourth essence of the collection "Sotto lo stesso cielo" after "BATTICUORE – L’essenza delle emozioni", "NOI – L’essenza dell’amicizia" and "FURAHA – L’essenza della Gioia ".
All proceeds from "MAMA DUNIA" are entirely donated to support the ESIL School of the Jesuit Fathers, on the plateau of Angonia, Mozambique. ESIL is a training center for more than six hundred local young people, which offers agricultural and general culture courses. In a region with a life expectancy of 50 years, with widespread poverty and frequent famines, the school has a fundamental role: to transmit knowledge and practices that make the population self-sufficient. In particular, the proceeds from the sale of the fragrance will be used for the construction of new facilities adjacent to the school, intended for the breeding and care of animals.”