L'Essenza dell'Amicizia

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"An Home Fragrance created by LAURA BOSETTI TONATTO exclusively to support OAF-I - Organization of Fraternal Help - Italy (NGO - Onlus).
Friendship is a perfume that envelops your life. Combining solidarity with a perfume means leaving an olfactory concreteness in people's memory, a memory that is much more intense than any other, because the olfactory one is the strongest memory we have: musk, amber, violet and orange blossom to highlight that WE (NOI) can do a lot, that friendship is a great value, not only for our existence, but also to share and support the many friends who are in difficulty. A contemporary and effective way of reaching out to the many, more and more numerous, who need it. All the proceeds of “NOI" are entirely destined to OAF-I to support the Sermig project "VITA AI BAMBINI" (Life to children), a welcome project residential for children with serious illnesses.”