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Fiore 1827: The ancient sweets of Siena, an authentic italian story

Only few people kept the ancient secrets of medieval sweets, handed down from generations, since 1200.

Since then, Fiore has been part of the culture of the city, not just as a faithful guardian of its confectionery tradition, but also as a promoter of the authentic Sienese treasures which, thanks to Fiore, have become famous all over the world: Panforte, Ricciarelli, Cantuccini.

For two centuries, Fiore has never betrayed its artisanal spirit and meticulous attention to the historicity and originality of the recipes, becoming at the same time synonymous with constant innovation: in the pursuit of quality, choice and selection of ingredients, manufacturing process, controlling the supply chain and respecting the environment. And its territory with which it has kept a very deep identity bond yesterday as today.

In particular, in manufacturing, it has carried out an innovation process, through the opening in mid-year 2021 of its completely new plant, with cutting-edge machinery in which we can touch and see closely the progress it is experiencing, without ever but betray the ancient recipes.

Ricciarelli, panforte and cantuccini are the flagship of the Sienese confectionery company. The ancient oven places at the center the knowledge handed down by the apothecaries of Siena. Initially, Panforte was made in the backroom of spice shops, where the recipe involved the use of expensive spices.

In fact, Fiore 1827 was born as a pharmacy and apothecary, and it is from the historic headquarters in via Garibaldi that the traditional formulas originate. The company constantly seeks innovation within the manufacturing processes without betraying its origins. This, combined with the careful research of raw materials, has led Fiore 1827 to be an excellence in the creation of typical Tuscan products, becoming one of the few companies in the Siena area to receive three IGP brands for its flagship products.

Fiore 1827 was selected by Gambero Rosso among the best Made in Italy productions and included in the Top Italian Food Guide 2023. The most awarded product is the Panforte Margherita.

The company reserves a profound respect for its ancient history and confectionery tradition.

Fiore 1827 places the knowledge that has been handed down by the apothecaries of Siena at the center of attention. Maybe you didn't know it, but Panforte was actually initially made in the backroom of the spice shops. The company was in fact initially born as a pharmacy and spice shop, and then evolved to become one of the most popular confectionery companies in Sienese cuisine.

Since 1400, Ricciarelli have found a place on the most sumptuous tables of Italy and France, and thanks to this Italian company they will also be able to find a place on your table, to round off a royal lunch in style.

Panforte Margherita, un’esplosione di gusto che colpisce, dalle scorze di arancia alle pregiate spezie.


“Our desire is to make the ancient flavors of the Tuscan territory known to an increasingly wider audience.”

This is how CEO Gabriele Filippini describes the company's strategy