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Mei SPA: The future of beauty and well-being is certainly "Natural"

A true excellence of Made in Italy with unique products, which concentrate the vital force of hand-picked wild plants.

Adriana Titton had a dream to create a company that produced the best natural products for the overall well-being of the person. Today this dream has come true, MEI is an established reality - in the second generation - that strongly looks towards new markets.

The future of beauty and well-being is certainly NATURAL! We have always been attentive to ingredients, formulas and research, creating cosmetics, supplements and products that are unique in the Italian and international panorama, with the aim of ensuring the holistic well-being. Our cosmetics are extremely effective and safe, without neglecting the sensory effect of fragrances and textures, with a strong natural appeal, which leaves the skin with an unparalleled feeling of comfort.

This is the maximum expression of holistic well-being that considers the person as a unity of body and mind, external and internal. We create treatment synergies between phytocosmetics and natural supplements, which convey the same active ingredients absorbed through skin with cosmetics, to ensure immediately visible results.

Thanks to this exclusive "MADE IN ITALY" production chain, both phytocosmetics and herbal products are made starting from the same titrated wild plants and not from ready-made bases or aromatic extracts. The result is a truly natural product, alive and able of conveying a long lasting well-being, without any side effects.

The ABSOLUTE oils are the "secret" of all MEI products! The purest essential oils obtained by extraction with inert gases, without alcohol or solvents. The exclusive extraction method guarantees allergen-free products. In our formulas, we use only officinal plants according to the quality standards of the Official Pharmacopoeia.

Roberto Palladin is Mei's General Manager. With him we talked about the holistic approach to beauty, Slow Beauty and Clean Beauty movements.

Since 1998 he has dealt with the production chain, defining the qualitative standards of phytocosmetics and herbal products; of the creation of new products, lines and staff training.

Deep connoisseur of the world of all-round wellness, thanks to the technical skills and great experience, it is the creator of the brand and the professional lines intended for the aesthetic and spa channel.

He leads the company to new markets with the aim of exporting the uniqueness and excellence made in Italy Mei to the world.

Mei is the official Spa supplier of some of the most exclusive 5-star hotels in Italy.

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